Shyer is an innovative start-up company focused on the development and the market introduction of a variety of electric mobility solutions for cities and individuals.

Shyer wants our city to become electric and reduce the use of cars. Our bikes can take you even faster and cheaper than a taxi or a car, without feeling tired like a standard bike. Electric bikes offer a sustainable transport alternative that reduces congestion, improves public health, and reduces carbon emissions. It's time to join the movement!

Rent and ride

Rent and ride an electric bike whenever you want, pay by the minute, scan, unlock, and ride. Our keyless electric bike-sharing program is fully licensed to operate in the USA. Just download the Shyer app for iOS or Android, subscribe to the Pay As You Go plan, and use ride electric at $4 for 60 minutes, then $0.06/minute.

DO YOU PREFER An Electric Bike That Yours To Keep At Home?

Shyer + A new monthly subscription service, with all the advantages of owning an electric bike without complications, investments, or overheads. If the bike breaks, the Shyer team will keep the bike on the road with free regular assistance and maintenance. Pay monthly, cancel when you want, it’s simple!

As Technology Evolves At Speed, The World Needs Sustainable Transport Options.

Shyer has implemented and managed numerous projects and clients in the US and beyond. We are focused on functionality, value for money, and style; our service offers flexible and personalized packages for shared bikes.
The company is owned and operated by Omauri Grosvenor and Wilkerson Joseph. Shyer was born out of Omauri’s work and experience as a chief executive officer at Bayside Arts CafĂ©, a cultural hub at the heart of Tampa’s. By researching with companies such as BAA and GSK, it has become clear that there is a growing need for automated shared bicycle systems to solve real and growing environmental, health, and transportation problems.
Shyer now has a team of employees across the country, offering shared bike services, strategic planning, brand development, marketing, installation and maintenance, customer support services, and IT support.

About Us

Shyer obtained a license from US Council to operate dockless bikes in the city and plan to launch up to 1,000 electric bikes within the state. Users register via an app and scan the QR code on the bike with their phones. After being successful at Cedar city, the company is now planning a regular launch of 120 bikes. Shyer intends to launch in other cities and join public and private partnerships in the hope of a fleet of up to 5,000 electric bikes across the country by 2023.
Shyer shares its bike with a European operator who successfully launched in 6 cities and recorded more than a million bike rides in 2019. Bikes have a range of more than 100 km, which cyclists can help regenerate and see your contribution to the application. Durable, with disc brakes, a comfortable saddle, and a solid trunk, the bicycle is a real transport alternative for trips in the city center.

Download the Shyper APP

Download the Shyer app and register, scan the QR code, press the brake twice, and you’re ready to drive. Bikes usually cost $0.06 per minute and can be stopped for up to 2 hours. Bikes can be parked and closed at stands in public cities; the most suitable are indicated in the Shyer app.
Shyer wants the city to go electric and reduce the use of our city center care. Our bikes can take you even faster and cheaper than a taxi or a car, without feeling tired. Electric bikes offer a sustainable transport alternative that reduces congestion, improves public health, and reduces carbon emissions.

Our Vision

Our vision and experience converge in navigation, routing, and data science. We seek to transform personal mobility experience by promoting the widespread adoption of vehicles on a human scale in cities around the world.

Our Mission

We believe that electric bikes should keep the simplicity and intuition of bikes inside.
Our goal is to develop e-bike systems that deliver excellent performance without compromising range or weight.
We are looking for the end products that elevate the aesthetics and feel of cycling.


An average journey lasts 60 minutes, and the clock starts from the moment you unlock your bike. For example;
* You can only have one “shortstop” for 60 minutes, and you will be billed in shortstop mode.
** Bikes are available for hire 19 hours a day (between 5 a.m. and midnight), 7 days a week


Pay As You Ride


One Month Subscription


3-Month Subscription


Annual Membership

How To Rent An E-Bike

The Shyer bike service is available all year round, 7 days a week, from 5 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., although a bike can be brought back to the available positions at any time of the day.

To Return A Shyer Bike

Replace the Shyer bike with available support. An acoustic signal sounds, and the bike lights are momentarily on before a solid green light is displayed. This confirms that the bike has been successfully replaced and that the rental has ended. If you have problems, try repositioning the bike or try another assembly.
Please note that when returning a Shyer bike, make sure it is correctly locked in a rack, as unnecessary rental fees will be charged, and you will be responsible for the loss of the bike, as stated in Terms and conditions. If you’re having trouble returning a bike properly, try alternative stand or let us know.

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1883 West Royal Hunte Dr, 200A Cedar City Utah 84720

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